Hans portrait 01.jpg

It all started when…

My mother and grandfather gave me a camera and a lens.  It was the summer of 1983, and I was heading to the east coast as part of a three week sailing trip with a dozen or so of us from high school.  Most of the resulting slides were blurry and worthless, but it was the first time I can remember really connecting with the photographer inside - the gift that my grandfather gave my mother, and which she in turn passed on to me.

It has been quite a journey in the 30+ years since then, sadly with far less photography taking up my time than I would have hoped for.  Fortunately, my father and mother also gave me a passion for theater, and that love for story and imagery led me naturally to film & video, which led me to editing, which then led me full circle to photography more than half a decade ago.

My passion is to create "Images that Endure."  Simply put, these are images that last a lifetime … images that have viewing power … images that move you the first and five hundredth time you gaze upon them.  For me, these types of images are found at the ephemeral crossroads of Story and Beauty; whether that be the flick of a smile in a contemporary portrait, or the flash of the rising sun in an early morning landscape.

It's my hope that each image I release stays true to riding that razor-thin edge of Story and Beauty, and that the result is an image that stays with you, makes you think, asks you to reflect, and thus truly does endure.