Rio Grande Bridge

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Rio Grande Bridge_for web preview_NS.png

Rio Grande Bridge


Date Photographed: 8-16-2014
Series: Summer
Editions: 25
Artist Proofs: 3
Format: 13.5 x 24 printed on 17.5 x 28
Paper: Canson Infinity 2293 Baryta Photographique
Ink: Canon LUCIA PRO
Canon ImagePROGRAF 2000

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For a decade or more my wife and I have stopped off at K's Dairy Delite in Buena Vista, CO in the summers to get ice cream with our children.  We have a pretty set routine - at least we did when they were younger - of wandering over to Columbine Park behind the shop to eat our ice cream and then let the kids run out their sugar on the playground.  Tucked behind the park is Cottonwood Creek, where a small playful beach area offers a splash of cold mountain run off.  The Denver Rio Grande Railway ran right through and over the creek and left behind a picturesque bridge.  On this particular day I took off my shoes. held my breath and braced myself for the ice cold as I took my camera and tripod out into the creek.  I enjoy this moment locked in time - the juxtaposition of the hot day, the cold creek, the cotton clouds, the blue sky, and the knowledge that my wife and kids are exploring nearby.


This Limited Edition Print, printed in-house by the photographer is numbered, dated and signed. The print is lightly embossed on the bottom center of the 2" border with the photographer's mark.  On the reverse, the print is serialized with a unique holographic ID which matches the included Certificate of Authenticity. Each serialized print is registered with