War in the Breach

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War in the Breach_for web preview_NS.png

War in the Breach


Date Photographed: 7-13-2014
Series: Clouds
Editions: 25
Artist Proofs: 3
Format: 24” x 16” printed on 28” x 20”
Paper: Canson Infinity 2293 Baryta Photographique
Ink: Canon LUCIA PRO
Canon ImagePROGRAF 2000

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My fascination with photographing clouds began when I made this photograph years ago.  Storm clouds develop routinely in Colorado as the mountains give way to the plains in the east.  As the evening sets in, and the color of the suns rays get cooler, the hidden colors - brought out in the editing process, but truly there - create dramatic possibilities.  There is a war about to take place here.  Darkness seems to have the upper hand, but light has a quiet strength.


This Limited Edition Print, printed in-house by the photographer is numbered, dated and signed. The print is lightly embossed on the bottom center of the 2" border with the photographer's mark.  On the reverse, the print is serialized with a unique holographic ID which matches the included Certificate of Authenticity. Each serialized print is registered with myartregistry.com.